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Pruning Collierville, TN

All landscapes will have some shrubs, bushes, and hedges. Sometimes, these plantings are installed to create boundaries and demarcations in the landscape. Some flowering plants may be installed in beds specially designed for them, while at others, plants line the driveways, walkways, and pathways in a landscape.

While several shrub varieties are sturdy and resilient, they too need attention and regular care. Most landscape care plans have shrub maintenance included in them. Shrub care involves various aspects such as pest control, fertilization, and soil aeration, as well as trimming and pruning.

We at Lawn & Garden Landscaping are a local landscaping company that offers the best services to clients throughout Collierville, TN. We cater to residential and commercial clients and handle bush and shrub pruning projects of all scales and types, and we always focus on providing clients value for money.

Shrub Trimming Benefits

Many property owners wonder why shrubs and plants need regular trimming and pruning. They feel that denser branches make the features look greener and healthier.

But there are numerous benefits to residential and commercial hedge pruning, such as:

  • Improved Plant Quality - Over time, branches of the shrubs become weak, and some may also break. When we trim these systematically, it helps to keep the plantings healthy. While handling this job, if our team notices any fungal or insect infestations on the branches, they will trim away those portions. It prevents the rest of the plants and adjacent shrubs from becoming infected.
  • Improved Growth Rate - When plants and bush pruning is done regularly, it promotes the new leaf growth. Also, this process helps to curb sucker growth, water sprouts, and fast-growing shoots as well.
  • Increased Lifespan - Plants that have been pruned regularly also have a longer lifespan compared to ones that are not trimmed a couple of times a year.
  • Well-Manicured Look - An unkempt and ill-maintained landscape impacts the overall appearance of your landscape. Pruning and trimming of shrubs lend a neat appearance to the outdoor spaces.

Customized Shrub Care Plans

We have been operating in this industry for several years and have the expertise to design custom shrub care plans for our clients. Our team works with you to understand your specific requirements, surveys the space as well as the types and number of shrubs and hedges, before providing a suitable solution.

Our experts will visit your property at fixed intervals to assess the condition of the shrubs and bushes and carry out the pruning in landscapes correctly. They will cart away all the green waste systematically so that your property does not have any debris or branches lying around.

Cost-Effective Bush Pruning

If you are looking for custom hedge and bush trimming and pruning services, we at Lawn & Garden Landscaping are the company to call. We make sure that the job is completed to industry standards, using the latest techniques, and shrub pruning equipment.

Every solution that we craft is planned with your specific needs and budget in view. Our experts always aim to please our clients with outstanding customer service. For any more information about our services and shrub pruning cost, feel free to call us at 901-651-1945 or contact us through this Online Form.

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