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French Drains

French Drains Collierville, TN

Drainage issues are a common occurrence on various residential and commercial properties in the region. Property owners find it extremely challenging to deal with problems such as water pooling in different areas of the landscape.

Sometimes, the issue is so complex, that the accumulated water does not drain away from the landscaping into the city drains. Ultimately it begins to pool near the base of outdoor structures, the house, or commercial building on the grounds. This can be incredibly dangerous and can cause considerable damage to the structure’s foundation, impacting its integrity.

French Drains Installation

When you are getting landscapes designed, you must make sure that the proper drainage plans are included in them. Poorly planned drainage systems will harm the features on your property. There are various drainage systems you can include in landscaping plans, but French drains are both functional and easy to install.

We at Lawn & Garden Landscaping are a local landscaping company that offers the best services to clients throughout Collierville, TN. We cater to residential and commercial clients and handle French drain installation projects of all scales and types, and we always focus on providing clients value for money.

Our professional landscaping experts are here to help you with every aspect of your landscaping project. We provide plans & layouts for all types of yard drains. These features are standard in landscaping projects and are generally a part of a more extensive landscape drainage network that could include channel drains, rainwater gutters, and more.

What Are French Drains?

If you have a wet basement or soggy landscape, French drains are your cure. Water always flows down slopes or graded land and takes the easiest possible path. That is the basic concept behind custom French drains. These are trenches with slight slopes. They are filled with medium-sized gravel; they have pipes under the gravel that divert water away from the structure on the property.

How French Drains Work

A French drain provides a channel for water to flow through quickly. As mentioned, the water first flows into the gravel-packed trench and to a perforated pipe installed under this trench. The water travels through the pipeline, which then empties a certain distance from your property. We make sure that the French drain design and slope are right. Depending on your setting we can divert the water to:

  • A drainage ditch
  • Low-lying areas of your property
  • The street
  • A dry well

This is a highly effective and efficient landscape drainage solution. However, you need expert landscapers for the installation. We have handled several residential and commercial French drain installations and offer clients the best services.

Affordable French Drains For landscapes

Our team will provide you with all the details you need about what French drains are and how they work. They will create detailed plans for the correct installation of French drains. If you are looking for customized French drain design and installation services, we at Lawn & Garden Landscaping are the company to call.

We plan these landscape drainage systems to suit the layout of your property, and with your specific needs and budget in view. Our experts always aim to please our clients with outstanding customer service. For any more information about our services and French drain cost, feel free to call us at 901-651-1945 or contact us through this Online Form.

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