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Mulching Collierville, TN

Applying mulch to various areas of a landscape is an excellent way to protect the ground. We at Lawn & Garden Landscaping are the landscaping company that offers the best mulching services to clients throughout Collierville, TN. We cater to residential and commercial clients and handle mulching projects of all scales and types, and we always focus on providing clients value for money.

What are Mulches?

Mulches are inorganic/organic material spread near the base of plants and shrubs or on lawns as well. Organic mulches could be made from materials like tree bark, pine straw, wooden chips, etc. Inorganic mulches are made of gravel or aggregates, stones, and rubber.

While the latter do have specific uses and benefits, we always use organic mulches in our projects. It is because they break down quickly, adding nutrients to the soil. But since they decompose over time, you would also need to replace them frequently. That is not necessary of you have inorganic mulches.

Our team is here to provide you information about the various types of mulches. These are also available in a range of colors, depending on the materials that have been used. When we provide recommendations, our local landscapers also focus on aspects such as aesthetics. They will suggest which mulches will create the most impactful outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Mulches

  • Protect topsoils from direct exposure to climatic changes and the elements
  • Help to retain moisture in the soils
  • Deter the growth of weeds
  • Organic mulches help to increase nutrients in the soil
  • Help to maintain an even ground temperature
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Add an attractive look to various areas of the landscaping

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to mulching, and we offer these services to commercial and residential clients.

Mulching - Our Work Process

We follow a systematic mulch applications’ process:

  • While applying landscape mulches, we install a 2" to 4" layer of close to the plant roots and grass.
  • We suggest that you opt for organic mulches and we source these materials from certified local nurseries
  • The right amounts of mulches will be used in the project. Using excessive amounts only ends up suffocating the roots.
  • We spread the mulches a distance away from tree trunks on your property.
  • Organic mulches are excellent for lawns and gardens, and we handle these applications expertly.

Cost-Effective Mulching Solutions

The sustainability and beauty of your landscapes depend on many aspects. If you want to enhance the appeal of your outdoor areas, while adding some protection to the ground, you should consider applying organic mulches for landscapes. The mulches also reduce the maintenance aspect, and you end up spending spend less money and time caring for these features.

If you are looking for a customized organic mulching solution, we at Lawn & Garden Landscaping are the company to call. Every plan that we craft is planned with your specific needs and budget in view.

Our experts always aim to please our clients with outstanding customer service. For any more information about our services and landscape design cost, feel free to call us at 901-651-1945 or contact us through this Online Form.

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